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Searching for a hard chrome plater for your medical device? If you’re like many of the engineers and product managers we work with, you’re inundated with choices. The challenging part is trying to decipher which precision plating company is the best choice for your specific product.

When you work with Greystone, you gain:

  • Access to a renowned team of manufacturing, tooling, and automation engineers, dedicated to designing, producing and plating your product or prototype.
  • Risk mitigation. Greystone Medical follow strict ISO 13485 & ISO 9001 quality systems with a service record in the safety-critical medical device industry.
  • Consistent support and engineering expertise, including on-site technical reviews to assist in project design, analysis or costing reviews to facilitate the purchasing process.
  • Peace of mind that your component is in the hands of a globally certified company:
    ISO 13485, ISO 9001, Nadcap, Reach compliance, RoHS compliance and STERIchrome™ Biocompatibility to ISO 10993.
  • Custom in-house designed/fabricated tooling and inspection equipment.
  • Quality, speed, and performance. Need a quick turnaround prototype? We’ve got you covered. Have an intricate design other platers can’t work with? Call our team of engineers. We love showing you what’s possible and saying yes when competition can’t.

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Our History:

Nearly 90 years ago Everett H. Fernald, Sr. founded The Industrial Plating Company (now Induplate, LLC) to meet complex plating needs competitors could not. His propensity for intricate work and willingness to take on projects that others would not, created a culture of innovation that continues to guide the company today.

When it came time to retire in 1968, Fernald Sr. had no doubt who he would turn over the reins to his son, Everett H. Fernald, Jr. With an advanced degree in Metallurgical Engineering and a lifelong student of his father’s skilled craftsmanship, Fernald Jr. came to succeed his father as president.

Mr. Fernald, Jr. holds an advanced degree in Metallurgical Engineering and continues the proud tradition of craftsmanship. In 1969, David E. Lippy, a Chemical Engineer from Admiral Rickover's Nuclear sub project and University of Pennsylvania classmate of Mr. Fernald, Jr., joined as co-owner of Induplate, a subsidiary of The Industrial Plating Company. The two operations were combined into one operation in 1973. By 1980, Induplate was widely recognized as the pre-eminent chrome plating facility in the US.

Contact Greystone Medical for all of your hard chrome medical and dental precision plated components.

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