World Class Chrome Plating for Medical and Dental Products

ISO 13485

Bright Nickel Plating

Bright, smooth finish and unsurpassed corrosion resistance

Your medical and dental instruments, valves and connectors benefit from the decorative and engineering purposes of Bright Nickel. Bright Nickel is the primary coating used to preserve steel, stainless, brass and other substrates from spotting, staining and corrosion while also providing a long-lasting decorative appearance.

Instrument spotting, staining and corrosion become present in many healthcare facilities during autoclave and sterile processing. When these defects appear on surgical instruments it can impair their function and interfere with future sterilization. For example, a hemostat may not open due to corrosion in a box area, scissors and scalpels become dull, instruments could break during surgery and spores can be protected from destruction by layers of iron oxide (rust) which form during sterile processing. Protect your instrument and fight corrosion with Bright Nickel.

When you choose bright nickel plating from Greystone Medical, you gain access to:

  • Dramatically enhanced autoclave potential on medical devices and dental instruments
  • Prevention of spotting, staining and corrosion of surgical instruments.
  • Thickness control to hold tight dimensional tolerances in high-volume production
  • Custom tooling fabricated in-house to accommodate the most difficult part geometries
  • Engineering team dedicated to running samples, developing and validating prototype processes and scaling those processes to full production

Partner your Bright Nickel coating with our proprietary STERIChrome™ technology:

  • Strength: 72-80+HRC surface hardness significantly improves instrument wear and abrasion resistance to eliminate galling and fretting
  • Resilience: Maximizes blade integrity to maintain cutting edges throughout operations
  • Protection: Prevents corrosion as a result of sterile processing and laser marking
  • Zero debris: Arrests metallic debris and particulate matter during operation
  • Reduced glare: satin platinum finish gives instruments that long-lasting platinum and chrome color and reduces high intensity light reflection.

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