World Class Chrome Plating for Medical and Dental Products

ISO 13485

Precision Plating Applications

Global clients come to Greystone for precision plating of medical and dental instruments:

  • Endoscopic instruments and cutters
  • Powered hand instruments
  • Orthopedic instruments and tooling
  • Valves, handles, housings and tubing
  • Dental hand instruments and reamers
  • Surgical saws, taps and drills

Whether your need is for a durable and corrosion resistant coating for high-friction applications or a hydrophobic coating, Greystone Medical has you covered:

STERIChrome - Hydrophobic Coating

Durable, Corrosion Resistant and Fluid Repelling

When it comes to your safety-critical medical and dental device components, moisture can present a challenge. Instrument spotting, staining and corrosion are common in healthcare facilities due to autoclave procedures and sterile processing. This will impair instrument function and interfere with future sterilization procedures. With our hydrophobic coatings, you can rest assured that instrument function will be maintained.

Our hydrophobic STERIChrome™ coating, certified to ISO 10993 gives you:

  • Maximum repellent against blood, urine, saliva and other bio-fluids.
  • Increased self-cleaning, antifouling and anti-corrosion properties
  • Reduced risk of contamination and patient infection
  • Long lasting and improved durability
  • Combat & control over degradation

When you trust in STERIChrome™ by Greystone Medical, you gain:

  • Strength: 72-80+HRC surface hardness significantly improves instrument wear and abrasion resistance to eliminate galling and fretting
  • Resilience: Maximizes blade integrity to maintain cutting edges throughout operations
  • Protection: Prevents corrosion as a result of sterile processing and laser marking
  • Zero debris: Arrests metallic debris and particulate matter during operation
  • Reduced glare: satin platinum finish gives instruments that long-lasting platinum and chrome color and reduces high intensity light reflection.

For information on how our engineers can find the medical coating that works for you, contact us today.

Incorporate STERIChrome™ into your medical device design today.

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